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Which 10 Altcoins Experienced the Biggest Surge in 2023? Only 3 Altcoins Ended 2023 with Losses

Which altcoins will gain the most value in 2023, which is about to be completed with the rise? Here is all the data.

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In 2023, which was marked by the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies, unprecedented gains were experienced in the crypto market. According to data from CoinGecko, among the top 100 cryptocurrencies, ten have outperformed the rest with impressive gains.

Bonk rose from $0.0000002 on January 1 to $0.0000146 on December 28, 2023, topping out as the highest-earning crypto of 2023 with a staggering increase of 7302.9%. The turnaround for Bonk was marked by an airdrop that attracted great attention from traders and investors alike, benefiting Solana in particular.

In second place is Injective (INJ), which increased by 2976.4% from $ 1.27 to $ 39.07. Injective's rise coincided with the launch of pre-launch token futures by decentralized exchange (DEX) Helix.

In third place is CorgiAI, which increased by 1960% from $ 0.00014 to $ 0.00282. CorgiAI gained traction as the main meme coin on the Cronos blockchain, following the trend where each chain is expected to have its own 'meme coin'. At the time of this writing, CorgiAI is no longer among the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

Other notable winners include Kaspa, Render, Solana, Conflux, WEMIX, and Stacks. Additionally, Bitcoin and Ethereum also achieved gains of 162.5% and 98.6% respectively.

  1. Bonk – 7303%
  2. Injective – 2976%
  3. CorgiAI – 1960%
  4. Kaspa – 1866%
  5. Rendering – 1139%
  6. Solana – 974%
  7. Conflux – 774%
  8. WEMIX – 759%
  9. – 698%
  10. Stacks – 633%

All ten top-earning cryptocurrencies in 2023 were also among the most popular trends: memecoins, layer 1 protocols, artificial intelligence, and layer 2 solutions.

On the other hand, TON, CHZ and SUI were the only losers other than stablecoins in 2023, with their prices falling from 0.6% to 40.6%. It is worth noting that Sui was only launched on May 3, 2023, and its price was as high as $1.40 before reaching $0.83 on December 28, 2023.

*This is not investment advice.

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