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When Will Altcoins Follow Bitcoin? How Do We Know That Altcoin Season Has Started? Analyst Revealed His Secret!

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Popular crypto analyst Miles Deutscher answered when the altcoin season will start, which is the question that everyone is curious about, with altcoins remaining silent after the rise in Bitcoin.

Analyst Reveals The System In Mind For Altcoin Season After Bitcoin

In his analysis shared on his Youtube channel, Deutscher stated that four different stages must be passed for the altcoin season. The 1st of these stages is “Bitcoin, the 2nd is “Ethereum”, the 3rd is “Altcoins with Large Market Caps” and finally the 4th is “Altcoin Season”.

Defending that liquidity in the cryptocurrency market passes through these stages, Deutscher said that a Bitcoin pump is typically seen first, and then a general cryptocurrency rise is triggered.

According to the analyst, the profits obtained after this stage will switch to Ethereum. In the third phase, the profits from the first two phases will be transferred to altcoins with large market caps. After that, mid-size altcoins will start to rise.

According to the analyst, in the final stage, altcoins with small market caps will explode and the altcoin season will officially start.

Deutscher said, in order to predict exactly when the alt season will begin, we need to determine where we are in the specified alt season schedule. According to the analyst, we are currently in phase 1 where Bitcoin is experiencing a pump.

According to the analyst, we are still in the very early stages and no rotation to altcoins has yet occurred. Deutscher noted that for us to understand the start of phase 2, we need to see the money flow begin to shift to Ethereum. At this stage, according to the analyst, there will be a pump in the ETH / BTC chart.

Deutscher said he believes that at some point in the rally we are in, the alt season may begin. According to the analyst, he stated that he thinks the altcoin season could start with the FED not deciding not to raise interest rates, or it could last for months if BTC continues to rise.

*Not investment advice.

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