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What’s the Latest on Bitcoin Before the Big Halving? What Are Miners Doing?

Analysis company CryptoQuant analysts made statements about the latest situation before the halving in Bitcoin.

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As the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving approaches, miners are facing a new reality: rewards are being reduced to 3,125 BTC. This comes amid record revenues and increased competition, raising the question: How will miners innovate to stay profitable?

According to analysts at cryptocurrency analysis firm CryptoQuant, halving the rewards will force miners to innovate and evolve. Although daily revenues have reached new highs, the miner hash price is 30% lower than the last pre-halving levels, indicating reduced earnings per transactional power.

According to the report, the significant decrease in transaction fees also increases this pressure and further affects the profitability of Bitcoin miners as the halving approaches. The hashrate of the Bitcoin network has increased, indicating that more miners are competing for the same rewards. This intense competition forces miners to adapt to lower revenues and more competition.

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According to CryptoQuant data, some miners are selling more BTC before the halving. Daily sales to OTC (over-the-counter) desks reached 1,600 Bitcoins at the end of March, the highest level since August 2023. This shows that miners are trying to maximize their profits before the halving takes effect.

As the Bitcoin halving approaches, miners must adapt to this new reality, according to analysts. Innovation and efficiency are key to staying profitable. According to the report, the halving could reshape the mining landscape, forcing consolidation and greener energy solutions.

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