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What Will the FED's Interest Rate Decision in June Be? How Will The Decision Affect Bitcoin? Harvard Professor Evaluated!

The general expectation is that the FED will pause the rate hike in June.

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After the positive economic data for a while, the FED is expected to stop increasing interest rates, while the FED has increased by 25 basis points in the last two months.

After these increases, while the eyes turned to the interest rate decision of the FED in June, we see that the general expectation for June is that the Fed's interest rate increase frenzy is interrupted and that it will not raise interest rates.

In this context, Standard Chartered CEO Bill Winters, who recently made a statement on interest, said that the FED could temporarily stop the rate hikes. The famous CEO warned investors that the Fed's task of reducing inflation may not be over yet.

Standard Chartered CEO Bill Winters, as well as Harvard University Practice professor Jason Furman, also thinks the Fed will pause the rate hike.

Speaking to CNBC's Squawk Box, Jason Furman said the US economy is currently strong enough to stop a sustained rate hike.

Stating that historically it was not easy to reduce inflation, Furman said that despite the interest rate hikes in recent months, inflation has almost never progressed.

“I think the Fed will pause interest rate hikes at its next June meeting.

However, if you ask me what kind of move the FED will make in the next four months, I would say that this move will not be an increase in interest rates, on the contrary, it will be a reduction. At this point, I expect the Fed to cut interest rates.

Inflation has barely made any progress and there is too much power in the US economy to stop interest rate hikes."

How Does the Fed's Interest Rate Decision Affect Bitcoin?

Some experts think that the Fed's pause in interest rate hikes will have a positive effect on Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies and may bring a rise for BTC.

On the other hand, some experts argue that even if the FED decides to increase interest rates contrary to expectations, this may be positive for the crypto money market. Because experts think that further tightening could make people turn to risky assets like BTC.

Bitcoin, which has been consolidating in a certain range for a long time, continues to trade at $ 26,795 at the time of writing.

*Not investment advice.

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