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What Will Be The New Battleground For BTC After Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval? Coinshares Senior Executive Reveals

While Bitcoin Spot ETF approval is considered certain, CoinShares manager Meltem Demirörs touched upon what will happen after the approval.

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The anticipation surrounding the potential approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs has reached a fever pitch, with the SEC urging companies to complete their paperwork to prepare for this extraordinary decision.

CoinShares Strategy Director Meltem Demirörs shared her views on what will happen after the approval.

When asked about possible market reaction after confirmation, Demirörs noted that he ruled out the possibility of “selling the news.” He highlighted a steady flow of investment, which reached $2.2 billion at the close of the previous year, citing the persistent demand for Bitcoin, manifested through significant fund flows into crypto ETFs.

Demirörs said that the approval of these new products, supported by significant investments from institutions such as BlackRock, which is said to be worth $ 2 billion, will further increase the demand for Bitcoin. According to Demirörs, this sustained interest may challenge the market's expectation of a decline following ETF approval.

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However, Demirörs hinted at an upcoming battlefield that goes beyond Bitcoin itself. He specifically touched on the fees associated with these ETFs, citing the competitive environment among asset managers. He noted that this fee war will be important in attracting investors, emphasizing that Fidelity is entering with significantly lower fees compared to established products such as Grayscale Trust.

While Bitcoin comes to the fore, Demirörs expressed the potential for other cryptocurrencies, especially Ethereum, to follow suit. However, he cautioned that despite growing investor interest in assets such as Solana and Ethereum, regulatory clarity and market maturity remain crucial factors before widespread adoption.

*This is not investment advice.

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