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What is the Ideal Level to Take PEPE? Dogecoin Millionaire Announced!

Dogecoin millionaire announced when to buy PEPE.

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In the crypto money market, meme tokens experience great increases in certain periods.

Some investors manage to turn these rising times into opportunities and become millionaires, while some investors lose everything.

One of the meme tokens that made some investors millionaires was undoubtedly Dogecoin (DOGE).

Glauber Contessoto, known as the Dogecoin millionaire, shared about Pepecoin (PEPE), one of the most popular cryptos of recent times.

For investors who don't want to miss the next PEPE pump opportunity, it announced the best time to buy PEPE.

Noting that many people have asked him when would be the best time to buy PEPE, the DOGE millionaire said:

“People ask me when would be the best time to buy PEPE. Now I say…

I think it should be bought when PEPE is down 80%-90% from its all-time high ($1.5B in ATH).

Who is Glauber Contessoto?

Glauber Contessoto is a millionaire investor from Dogecoin in the bull rally in 2021.

He invested approximately $250,000 in DOGE in 2021. Within a few months, the DOGE price exploded and Contessoto made millions on DOGE investment.

Contessoto, who bought DOGE at $0.045, increased the value of my investment to over $2 million when the price of DOGE rose to $0.73 at the end of the bull rally.

Under the PEPE post, "Back to DOGE, it will be huge very soon." Responding to his comment, Contessoto said that he never left DOGE and still has DOGE.

"I've never left DOGE, still holding every single coin."

*Not investment advice.

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