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What Are The Projects That Will Distribute Airdrops And Launch Altcoins In The Coming Days? Here is the List

Which projects will launch their altcoins or mainnets in the next few months?

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Cryptocurrency analytics firm Layergg recently released an exciting roadmap for the second quarter of 2024, hinting at the potential launch of several new altcoins.

The roadmap suggests that April could be a particularly busy month for token launches, with EIGEN and ZKS making their debuts.

Mainnet Launches

Many projects, including Taiko, Diva Staking, Babylon, Eclipse, and Initia, are scheduled to launch their mainnets in the 2nd quarter. Avail and Aleo were also expected to launch their mainnets in April, but Aleo's launch was delayed.

Token Generation Events (TGE)

Layergg's roadmap also highlights token generation events (TGE), airdrops and token sales. Projects such as LayerZero, Berachain, Web3Go, zkPass, Elixir, Aethir, Ambit Finance and KiloEx are expected to make their TGEs in the 2nd quarter. While zklink's TGE will be held in May, EigenLayer and zkSync's TGEs are said to be held in April.

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Airdrop and Token Sales

In addition to TGEs, several projects are also planning airdrops and token sales. For example, Gomble will auction the OG Spaceship NFT along with an airdrop of G tokens in April or May. Ultiverse also plans to sell The Chips NFT with an airdrop of ULTI tokens in April.

Testnet Launches

Several projects, including EigenLayer, Monad, and Kakarot, also plan to launch their testnets in Q2. Polymer Labs and Tea Protocol are expected to have testnets running around May. In addition, Initia and EspressoSystems will also launch their testnets.

Product Launches

Finally, Layergg's roadmap also includes some exciting product launches. MapleStory Universe plans to launch its game and token in Q2, and Friend tech is expected to launch Friend tech V2 in April or May.

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