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What Are the Important Altcoin Events in 2024? Here is a List of Dates to Follow

What major events will the cryptocurrency world follow in 2024? Here are the dates of the most important conferences and meetings.

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Famous cryptocurrency journalist Jacquelyn Melinek shared a comprehensive list of the most important conferences and meetings to follow in 2024. Here is a chronological summary of the events:

  • ETH Denver (February 29 – March 3)
  • NFT NYC (April 3 – 4)
  • Paris Blockchain Week (April 9 – 11)
  • Consensus (29 – 31 May)
  • Ripple Apex XRPL Developer Summit (June 11 – 13)
  • ETH CC (July 8 – 11)
  • SALT Wyoming Blockchain Symposium (August 19 – 22)
  • Korea Blockchain Week (September 4 – 10)
  • Token 2049 (September 18 – 19)
  • Solana Breakpoint (19 – 21 September)
  • Avalanche Summit (Not Yet Announced, Fall)
  • Mainnet (September 30 – October 2)
  • Permissionless III (9 – 11 October)
  • Devcon (November 12 – 15)
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Techcrunch reporter Jacquelyn Melinek was criticized for giving false information during the period when Bitcoin spot ETF approvals were expected, that the approvals could come on a certain day before the actual approval date.

However, the developers of the relevant altcoins may make important announcements and updates during the conference and meeting dates in question. That's why the cryptocurrency community closely follows the activities of the asset they are interested in during the year.

*This is not investment advice.

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