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Whales suddenly became active in this altcoin! They Made a Transaction of 12 Million Dollars!

There are major on-chain movements in the altcoin named PENDLE.

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While the decline in Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins deepened before the FED decision, whales and large investors also got active.

Accordingly, large on-chain movements were detected in the altcoin named PENDLE.

According to Spot o Chain's post, a sleeping giant PENDLE whale deposited 755 thousand PENDLE worth $ 3.83 to Binance.

Whale withdrew 5.02 million PENDLE ($2.73 million at the time) from Binance on August 18, 2023, when the price was $0.54.

The whale was left with 4.27 million PENDLE worth $21.7 million, with an estimated total profit of $22.8 million (+843%).

Apart from the giant whale, former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes, a major PENDLE investor, also locked 1.65 million worth $8.4 million by September 5.

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Hayes also has $4.31 million (+113%) unrealized profit in PENDLE.

PENDLE, which has decreased by 3.8% in the last 24 hours, continues to be traded at $ 5.13 at the time of writing.

*This is not investment advice.

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