Crypto NewsAltcoinWhales of this Altcoin Transferred a Large Amount of Tokens to Coinbase...

Whales of this Altcoin Transferred a Large Amount of Tokens to Coinbase Exchange!

The whales of this altcoin moved $180 million worth of tokens to the Coinbase exchange in a transaction that attracted the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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In a series of mysterious transactions that have attracted the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and analysts, Solana (SOL) whales moved $180 million worth of SOL tokens.

Solana Whales Made a Transfer of 180 Million Dollars

According to Whale Alert, a service that tracks cryptocurrency transactions, a large transfer involving 1,782,144 SOLs worth approximately $170,364,121 was made from an unidentified wallet to Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Shortly after, another transaction was reported in which 119,597 SOLs worth approximately $11,436,478 were moved from Coinbase to an unknown new wallet.

These transfers may relate to institutional investors or large-scale Solana investors seeking to secure profits or reposition their portfolios in anticipation of future market movements.

As of the latest updates, Solana is trading at $97.90, up 1.14% in the last 24 hours.

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Transaction volume for Solana also increased significantly, reaching a total of $1,502,291,564, an increase of 18.26% in the same period. This increased activity and price movement coincides with a period when the market is showing signs of volatility and investor interest is increasing.

Liquidation figures reported by CoinGlass, a platform that provides information on cryptocurrency futures and spot markets, also increase this interest.

In the last 24 hours, Solana liquidated $6.13 million; long positions made up $4.33 million of this total, and short positions made up the remaining $1.79 million.

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