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Whale, Which Accumulated This Altcoin with 81 Wallets, Started to Move Its Tokens to Exchanges

It seems that a huge cryptocurrency whale has started to transfer its previously accumulated altcoins to Binance.

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A whale or large-scale investor has been observed making significant transactions involving Chainlink (LINK) tokens.

It was reported that the whale, who accumulated approximately 11 million LINK tokens equivalent to 80.32 million dollars in 81 wallets in September and October, started depositing LINK to Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, since November 22.

Whale deposited a total of 1.92 million LINK tokens worth $27.8 million to Binance. After selling these tokens, the whale is expected to make a profit of approximately $14 million. At the current price, if the whale sold all of its tokens, it would be possible for the whale to make a total profit of $ 24 million, assuming the LINK price would remain the same.

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At the prices of the previous accumulation, on October 22, the same entity, referred to as an institution, accumulated 575,632 LINK tokens worth $4.2 million after a drop in the LINK price. Whale has accumulated a total of 7.66 million LINK tokens from Binance since September 19, equivalent to $56 million at the average price at the time.

The LINK price has been experiencing an impressive rise lately, with an increase of nearly 100% from its October price level.

*This is not investment advice.

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