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Waiting for Ethereum Spot ETFs Continues: Top 10 Developer-Focused Altcoins Likely to Be Impacted Upon Approval Revealed

Approval of Ethereum Spot ETFs is almost certainly expected by analysts. So which altcoins may be affected by this situation?

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While there are strong expectations that Ethereum Spot ETFs will be approved by the SEC, the Ethereum ecosystem altcoins that cryptocurrency developers are most focused on have emerged.

With the approval of Ethereum Spot ETFs, it is thought that other ETH ecosystem altcoins may also be affected by this event.

Here are the ETH ecosystem altcoins and developer scores that cryptocurrency developers have focused on the most in the last 30 days:

  1. Chainlink (LINK) – 479.77
  2. Status (SNT) – 307.1
  3. Ethereum (ETH) – 304.17
  4. Decentraland (MANA) – 258.63
  5. Audius (AUDIO) – 211.33
  6. sUSD (SUSD) – 185.07
  7. Synthetix (SNX) – 185.07
  8. Holo (HOT) – 146.9
  9. API3 (API3) – 131.03
  10. The Graph (GRT) – 123.37

All of these mentioned altcoins have the ERC20 standard.

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However, Ethereum spot ETFs have not yet been approved, and altcoins in this ecosystem may react widely to approval or rejection. However, according to information obtained by various cryptocurrency journalists from sources, some of them originating from the SEC, these ETFs seem likely to be approved.

On the other hand, the fact that these ETFs will not have staking features causes some analysts to list them among the factors that may reduce the demand for these ETFs.

*This is not investment advice.

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