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Veteran Analyst Reveals 6 Altcoins That Could Be Affected by March’s Major Ethereum Dencun Update

While the Ethereum ecosystem is preparing for the Dencun update, analyst Miles Deutscher named 6 altcoins.

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Ethereum, the world's second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is set to undergo a major hard fork update known as 'Dencun' on March 13. This update is expected to have a significant impact on the Ethereum ecosystem and several altcoins.

The Dencun update is part of 'The Surge', a series of updates in Ethereum's roadmap focused on improving the scalability, security and usability of the network. The update brings various Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), including:

EIP-4844: Will increase scalability and introduce Proto-Danksharding, a new transaction type known as 'blob-carrying transactions'. This EIP is expected to reduce transaction costs for Layer 2 (L2) users and increase Ethereum's transaction throughput.

EIP-1153: Will reduce on-chain data storage costs.

EIP-4788: Will improve security and functionality.

EIP-5656: Will improve Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) performance.

EIP-6780: Will improve network security.

The Dencun update is expected to greatly reduce fees on Ethereum Layer-2s, delivering the largest reduction in Layer-2 gas fees ever seen. This will benefit the entire ETH/L2 ecosystem and make these chains much more commercially viable for both decentralized application (dApp) makers and users.

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Cryptocurrency analyst Miles Deutscher identified several altcoins that could greatly benefit from the Dencun upgrade:

  • MATIC: Preparing to be rebranded as POL, MATIC has fallen behind other L2s but has made a significant investment in the implementation of zk technology.
  • Arbitrum: With great metrics and a reputation as the go-to chain for new dApp launches, Arbitrum leads other L2s in Total Value Locked (TVL) and transaction volume.
  • Optimism: The second largest L2 by TVL, Optimism has shown strength in the transaction space and recently announced its fourth airdrop.
  • COTI Network: COTI recently announced the V2 release, a privacy-centric ETH L2 that introduces 'Garbled Circuits', an important way to protect privacy.
  • Mantle: One of the fastest growing L2s, Mantle has over $1.5 billion of ETH staked as mETH (Mantle Staked ETH), making mETH the third largest Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD) after Lido and RocketPool. doing.
  • Metis: Metis is well positioned for growth with strong tailwinds of support, including the $400 million Metis Ecosystem Fund and the launch of a decentralized sequencer alpha mainnet in March.

*This is not investment advice.

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