Crypto NewsBitcoinVanEck Advisor Reveals the Hidden Benefit of Bitcoin Spot ETFs to BTC

VanEck Advisor Reveals the Hidden Benefit of Bitcoin Spot ETFs to BTC

VanEck, one of the companies that applied for Bitcoin Spot ETF, explained the hidden benefit that these products will provide to BTC if approved.

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Gabor Gurbacs, an advisor to VanEck, one of the Bitcoin Spot ETF applicant companies, recently shed light on an underappreciated advantage of BTC Spot ETFs.

As of today, Bitcoin is trading at around $44,000. However, the launch of Bitcoin ETFs could potentially change the perception of affordability in the Bitcoin market, according to the advisor.

According to Gurbacs, ETFs are typically launched with double-digit Net Asset Value (NAV), often around $25. Hypothetically, if Bitcoin ETFs were launched at $44 per share, three zeros would be removed from the BTC price. This adjustment could alleviate many unit biases and make exposure to BTC appear more affordable for the average investor.

“The psychology of unit bias is very important,” Gurbacs explained:

“I was surprised that so many people didn't know that you could own a small fraction of Bitcoin, and even more often, people didn't want to own a small fraction of a coin.”

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The concept of owning a full stake of a Bitcoin rather than a fraction of it seems to resonate better with investors, according to the analyst:

“Owning a full stake feels better than owning 0.001 Bitcoin. “It seems like a small thing, but it's a big thing.”

Gurbacs stated that currently 1 dollar can buy more than 2,200 Satoshi. This is something potential investors may want to consider when looking at BTC investment opportunities, according to the analyst.

*This is not investment advice.

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