Crypto NewsNewsUS Senator Steps In To Prevent SEC Interventions In The Cryptocurrency Industry

US Senator Steps In To Prevent SEC Interventions In The Cryptocurrency Industry

US senator Tom Emmer has launched a new initiative to reduce the influence of the SEC in the cryptocurrency industry.

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Minnesota Republican and U.S. House Majority Representative Tom Emmer has sponsored an amendment that would restrict the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) use of funds for digital asset enforcement until comprehensive rules and regulations are implemented.

The change, which is part of the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2024, aims to prevent the SEC from “using taxpayer money as a weapon” against the cryptocurrency industry, according to Emmer.

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Emmer said the following about the SEC chairman:

“Gary Gensler abused his authority to increase his authority to the detriment of the American people. Congress must use all our tools, including the appropriations process, to stop President Gensler from using more taxpayer money as a weapon.

Therefore, I plan to sponsor an appropriations amendment that restricts the use of funds for the SEC's digital asset enforcement until clear rules and regulations come into effect.”

Emmer stands out as a strong advocate for regulatory clarity and innovation in the cryptocurrency space. He has previously co-sponsored several bills aimed at increasing transparency and protecting consumers in the digital asset market, such as the Blockchain Regulatory Clarity Act, the Securities Clarity Act, and the Removing Barriers to Innovation Act.

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