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US Secret Service Officials Announced: Are There Any Bitcoin (BTC) Investments?

US Secret Service officials announced whether they invested in Bitcoin at the question and answer event they organized.

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At a question-and-answer event held on Reddit, United States Secret Service (USSS) officials were asked about their views on Bitcoin (BTC) compared to the rest of the crypto market.

The question came from a curious participant who wanted to know if the institution has any preference or prejudice against any digital asset. As, we published the US Secret Service's statement about Monero (XMR).

However, the authorities did not give a direct response. Instead, they said it would be better to ask this question to a financial advisor and everyone has an opinion and possibly a favorite coin in the field.

"Many of Us Have Portfolios Containing Bitcoin (BTC)"

The authorities added that many of the Secret Service members have a diversified portfolio that includes Bitcoin (BTC).

The USSS is responsible for detecting, investigating and arresting any person in the US who violates certain laws regarding financial systems, including those related to digital assets.

The USSS also launched a cryptocurrency public awareness center in 2022 with a new public service announcement video and information on the safety of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. This website was aimed at educating the public on how digital assets work and how to keep them safe.

*Not investment advice.

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