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US Presidential Candidate Who Bought Bitcoin Last Year Reveals Whether He Still Holds BTC

US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke about his support for Bitcoin in his statement. Here are the details.

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US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He voiced his strong support for Bitcoin in a recent interview, citing its importance for commercial freedom.

Kennedy, who bought Bitcoin for his children last year, confirmed that he still holds BTC. “My kids are very, very happy about it,” he said.

When asked about the role of Bitcoin and calls for a ban from members of Congress, Kennedy criticized the reasons behind such proposals. “They want it banned because they get money from BlackRock, Morgan and all the big globalist banking monopolies that make money off inflation and make money by the Fed printing money,” he said.

Kennedy argued that the American middle class was suffering because of these policies and that Bitcoin provided an “exit ramp” from the money-printing machine. He emphasized that Bitcoin should be made available to the middle class not only as a hedge against inflation, but also as a tool to ensure commercial freedom.

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He warned against the U.S. government's ability to control digital currencies, citing the recent example of protesters' bank accounts being closed in Canada. “The government can monitor their speech by controlling their freedom of action,” he said.

Kennedy concluded: “Commercial freedom is just as important as freedom of expression. And you can only get that from Bitcoin. We won't get that if the US government controls our digital currency.”

*This is not investment advice.

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