Crypto NewsAltcoinUnlocking of Three Important Altcoins is Taking Place in October! Pay Attention...

Unlocking of Three Important Altcoins is Taking Place in October! Pay Attention to These Dates!

Three important crypto projects that investors are looking forward to are preparing to unlock their tokens in October.

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According to TokenUnlocks, AXS, the governance token of blockchain-based NFT game Axie Infinity, will see its largest unlock in October. Axie Infinity will release 15.1 million AXS tokens on October 20.

Crypto Projects Axie Infinity, Optimism and Aptos Are Preparing to Unlock Tokens in October

According to TokenUnlocks data, the majority of the unlocks ($28.9 million) will go to the project team, with $16.3 million allocated to staking rewards, $16 million to playing to earn incentives, $8 million to an ecosystem fund, and $2.6 million to advisors.

In total, approximately $215 million worth of tokens will be released in October. Alongside Axie Infinity, Ethereum Layer 2 Optimism (OP Mainnet) will release 24.2 million OP tokens on October 30, according to TokenUnlocks.

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The unlock, representing 3% of the circulating supply, is currently worth $35.3 million. Approximately $18.6 million will go to core participants and $16.7 million will be reserved for investors.

Layer 1 blockchain Aptos, founded by former Meta executives, will unlock the first three in October by releasing 4.5 million APT tokens on October 12, representing 1.91% of its circulating supply and worth approximately $26 million.

According to TokenUnlocks data, approximately $18.4 million will go to the community and $7.6 million will be allocated to the Aptos Foundation.

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