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Uber CEO Announces that the Company Will Definitely Accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Payments in the Future!

In his statement, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi touched on the company's ability to receive cryptocurrency and Bitcoin payments.

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Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said on his TV show that they will be able to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments in the future.

Khosrowshahi answered the host's question about whether Uber will accept Bitcoin payments in the future and whether they are in talks about it.

When asked by the host, Khosrowshahi replied, “It can definitely happen one day, we're always having conversations.”

Khosrowshahi: “Uber Will Definitely Support Cryptocurrencies When The Time Comes”

Khosrowshahi continued his speech as follows:

“Right now, we see that Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies are very valuable as a store of value. However, barter transactions are expensive and not good for the environment.

If the swap mechanism is less expensive and more environmentally friendly, you will see that we turn to cryptocurrencies more. So we are definitely watching cryptocurrencies and Uber will definitely support cryptocurrencies in the future when the time comes.”

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Tesla, which previously accepted Bitcoin as a payment method, also suspended this function due to environmental concerns. At that time, the BTC price reacted to this with a very sharp decline.

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