Crypto NewsAltcoinTwo Massive Whales Jointly Transfered Large Amounts of This Altcoin to Binance

Two Massive Whales Jointly Transfered Large Amounts of This Altcoin to Binance

According to on-chain data, two cryptocurrency whales made a large transfer to Binance from this altcoin they have been holding for a long time.

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The two whales, known by the short addresses 0x07c and 0x997, jointly deposited 508,069 Unifi Protocol DAO (UNFI), corresponding to $4.66 million, to the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The deposit was made within 2.5 hours at an average price of $9.18.

Interestingly, both whales used the same Binance deposit address for this transaction, leading to speculation that they may belong to the same person.

These whales accumulated 508,069 UNFI from Binance between September 2-6, 2023, at an average price of $ 8.97, with an estimated cost of 4.56 million USD. If these UNFIs had been traded at current prices, they would have generated a modest shared profit of $105k, a gain of +2.31%.

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At the time of this writing, UNFI price is trading at $9.21.

This profit is relatively small considering that whales could make a rolling profit of up to $3.06 million when the UNFI price reaches a one-year high of $14.99 on November 27, 2023.

As of now, whales 0x07c and 0x997 no longer hold UNFI. This move comes at a time when the UNFI price has experienced a significant decline of 38.8% in the last 12 days.

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