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Two Giant Wallets, One of Which is PEPE Whale, Traded a Large Amount of Altcoins: Here Are Their Trades

Two giant cryptocurrency whales have traded significant amounts in recent hours, according to onchain data.

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While Bitcoin (BTC) reached an all-time high on some cryptocurrency exchanges today, altcoin whales did not remain idle.

A whale known by the short wallet address 0x81d deposited all 55.13 million PEOPLE tokens (equivalent to $2.84 million) to Binance at an average price of $0.05156 per token.

PEOPLE price is down approximately 16% in the last 24 hours and is trading at $0.04681 at the time of writing.

Interestingly, the same whale had withdrawn these PEOPLE tokens from Binance on March 2, 2024 at an average price of $0.04987 ($2.75 million in total). If he had sold now, he would have made an estimated profit of $93k, a gain of +3.38% after only 3 days of holding.

However, the whale currently holds 4 million ARKM tokens worth $9.52 million and has incurred an unrealized loss of $320k (-3.25%).

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In another significant move, a whale with short wallet address 0x04e sold another 60 billion PEPE tokens for 441,068 USDC at an average of 0.000007342 USDC per token.

This whale has now made a total profit of 491 thousand USD from this second and ongoing PEPE transaction just 2 days later. Originally purchased 340.86B PEPE on Mar 04, 2024 with an average of 0.000005728 USDC. Over the past 12 hours, he sold 280.86 billion PEPE for 2.02 million USDC at an average price of $0.000007204, making a profit of $349k (+17.27%).

Whale currently has 60 billion PEPE ($444 thousand) and unrealized profit of $140 thousand. However, their first transaction with PEPE on February 29, 2024 resulted in a loss of $26.6 thousand (-7.12%). It seems like this whale doesn't tend to hold onto its tokens for long periods of time.

*This is not investment advice.

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