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Two Giant Companies Announced That They Will Abandon Crypto Have A Large Amount Of BTC, SHIB And These 11 Altcoins! Can it sell?

According to the latest information, the two companies, which announced that they will move away from the crypto money field, have a large amount of altcoins in their hands.

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We have reported as that Jump Trading and Jane Street, which are among the largest trading firms in the world, are considering reducing their risks in the crypto money market due to the increasing regulatory controls in the USA.

With these institutions wanting to move away from the crypto money field, the large amount of altcoins they have started to be wondered. Allegedly, these institutions may want to reduce their crypto assets as they move away from the crypto space.

Jump and Jane Street Have Large Amounts of Altcoins

According to wallet and portfolio information provided by sources, Jump Trading mainly holds Ethereum (ETH) ($3 billion), Shiba Inu ($250 million), Polygon (MATIC) ($70 million), USD Coin (USDC) (53 million dollars) and Bitcoin (36 million dollars), Lido Finance (LDO) ($ 4 million), Avalanche (AVAX) ($ 3.4 million), PENDLE, LINA, POP.

Jane Street mainly holds Ethereum (ETH) ($97 million), USD Coin (USDC) ($80 million), USDT ($52 million), Chainlink (LINK) ($2 million).

According to sources familiar with the matter, both firms have been trading crypto since 2017, but have recently faced difficulties complying with US regulators' requests for greater transparency and oversight.

Jump Trading and Jane Street are known for their expertise in algorithmic and high-frequency trading strategies across a variety of asset classes, including stocks, bonds, options, ETFs, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

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