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Türkiye Announcement from Ethereum Foundation Official Blog!

The Ethereum (ETH) Foundation has announced that it will hold an event in Turkey in an article it shared on its official blog page.

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The Ethereum Foundation has announced that it plans to hold the Devconnect conference in Istanbul for a week from November 13-19 this year.

The Ethereum Foundation held its first Ethereum Devconnect conference in Amsterdam in 2022. Devconnect is a 1-week meeting of standalone ETH events, each focusing on a different topic.

The event was announced on the official blog of the ETH Foundation.

Most events on Devconnect will target an audience that is expert or enthusiastic in the event's specific area to allow for comprehensive understanding and discussion.

Unlike a typical conference, the Ethereum Foundation wants this week-long meeting to facilitate the deep discussions and conversations necessary to continue to develop ETH. Events during Devconnect will be independent and organized by experts in these fields.

The event should not be confused with Devcon, which will continue to be the main event of the Ethereum Foundation and is scheduled to take place in Southeast Asia in 2024.

According to the developers' statement, the Ethereum Foundation chose Istanbul as the host city for Devconnect 2023, aiming to take advantage of Istanbul's unique position as a bridge between East and West.

According to the statement on the official blog, the city's efficient local subway and the abundance of venues for community events make Istanbul the perfect location for Devconnect 2023.

The Ethereum Foundation is confident that Istanbul's unique blend of history, culture and modernity will provide an inspiring ground for the global ETH developer community to come together, collaborate with passionate groups and drive innovation for ETH.

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