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Three Whales Became Active in the Last Hours: They Made Big Trades in Three Altcoins, Two of Them Memecoin

According to Onchain data, three cryptocurrency whales have become active in recent hours and traded significant amounts.

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According to data provided by cryptocurrency analysis company Lookonchain, crypto whales continue to be active in recent hours.

Dogwifhat (WIF), one of the popular altcoins of late but seems to have lost the spotlight to other memecoins in recent weeks, has witnessed some whale activity. According to Onchain data, a giant whale sold $1.3 million worth of WIF tokens at $2.92.

WIF is trading at $2.83 at the time of this writing. Although it is a memecoin that has emerged in recent months, WIF has a market value even greater than Arbitrum as a cryptocurrency with a usage area.

When other whales are examined, it is observed that speculative whales are again turning to other memecoins. According to data, a cryptocurrency whale bought 195 billion PEPE 12 hours ago by spending $1.86 million USDC. According to the data, this whale has now made an unrealized profit of 236 thousand dollars.

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The third and last whale is a wallet that had to close its trade with a loss. According to the data, this whale transferred the entire $ 3.33 million Worldcoin (WLD) altcoin he collected in the last month to Binance. The total loss of the whale appears to be 50 thousand dollars. He collected these whale tokens at an average price of $5.42. At the time of this writing, WLD is trading at $4.66.

After the sale of the whale, WLD continued to decline.

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