Crypto NewsNewsThodex Founder Fatih Özer Arrested and Sent to Prison

Thodex Founder Fatih Özer Arrested and Sent to Prison

Thodex founder, who fled abroad with the large amount of money he collected from crypto money users in Turkey, was arrested.

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Faruk Fatih Özer, the founder of the crypto exchange Thodex, who was detained in Turkey after his extradition was decided by the Albanian Ministry of Justice, was arrested.

It was learned that Özer said in his statement at the police station, "I am not a fraudster, I have not defrauded anyone. I am exercising my right to remain silent. I will give my statement in court."

Faruk Fatih Özer, who fled abroad on April 20, 2021 with millions of dollars worth of crypto money belonging to 400 thousand people and was sought with a red notice, was brought to Istanbul on Thursday, April 20, after his extradition to Turkey was approved by the Albanian Supreme Court.

Faruk Fatih Özer, whose statement was taken at the Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, explained that he founded a software company in Gebze in 2014, and that the field of activity of this company is to develop mobile and web software.

Özer said that during his company's activities, he developed an interest in cryptocurrencies and started to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with his personal account on global crypto currency exchanges.

Not accepting the crimes of "fraud", "establishing and managing an organization" and "laundering property values", Özer said, "I did not defraud anyone. I did not launder the property values." used the phrases.

Özer is asked to be imprisoned for 40,564 years.

Investigations on the laptop, 9 phones, sim card, flash memory and notebook brought with Faruk Fatih Özer continue.

Özer, who claimed that he had reached the people who had the title of victim in the file and whose damages were determined by MASAK, through their lawyers and covered the damages of these people, said, "I intend to cover the losses of the victims in the ongoing process." he said.

Wanted with a red notice, Özer was caught in Albania on 30 August 2022. Özer was brought to Istanbul by plane on Thursday, April 20.

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