Crypto NewsAnalysisThis Altcoin Smashed Bitcoin!

This Altcoin Smashed Bitcoin!

Dubbed digital silver, Litecoin has overtaken Bitcoin as a payment option on BitPay.

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Litecoin, which was created as a fork of Bitcoin in 2011 and called digital silver, dropped by more than 30% after last August, falling to $ 56.

However, LTC recovered during the subsequent increases and rose above $90.

LTC, which continues to trade at $87 at the time of writing, has surpassed Bitcoin in usage in payments.

Accordingly, Litecoin has surpassed BTC as a payment option on BitPay. LTC payment dominance reached an all-time high of 41%, surpassing Bitcoin in payments, marking a major milestone for itself.

The rise in the use of LTC in payments underscores a growing trend towards digital assets in payment transactions in general, showing that more individuals and merchants are bypassing expensive intermediaries and using digital assets.

Despite Bitcoin's recent rise to all-time highs, adoption of BTC as a payment protocol has not risen at the same rate. Because BitPay data shows that Litecoin tops the list as the most used cryptocurrency for transaction payments with a dominance rate of 41.76%, while Bitcoin has a dominance rate of 24.36%.

According to BitPay's chart, the use of Ethereum (ETH) as a payment method remains at only 9%, Dogecoin (DOGE) at 6.8%, Polygon (MATIC) at 5.06%, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at 5%, USD Coin was on the chart with a rate of 59 and a rate of 3.69%.

In Litecoin, which has recorded a 2% increase in the last 24 hours, experts expect that the increase in usage in payments over time will have a positive reflection on the price.

*This is not investment advice.

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