Crypto NewsAltcoinThis Altcoin Founder Signals "Big Change": Price Shows Positive Reaction

This Altcoin Founder Signals “Big Change”: Price Shows Positive Reaction

Following the statement made by the founder of the popular altcoin, a positive reaction was observed in the price. Here are the details.

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In a recent post, Marc Zeller, founder of the Aave Chan Initiative, signaled an upcoming vote on the rollout of a 'fee activation' for Aave stakers. Aave, a decentralized lending platform, may soon decide whether to distribute fees to token holders.

After stating that Aave DAO's current net profit is approximately $60 million per year, which reflects five years of operational costs, Zeller said, “Next week we will conduct audits for the activation of 'fee capitalization'.”

In a previous post, Zeller put forward the idea of introducing fees for Aave stakers.

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Recently, the Aave DAO attempted to stabilize the token's peg to $1 by approving changes to staking fees for its stablecoin GHO.

If Aave DAO decides to enable fees, it will be following in the footsteps of decentralized stablecoin protocol Frax Finance, which recently voted in favor of a proposal to reintroduce its own fee system. Meanwhile, decentralized exchange Uniswap is in the final stages of preparations for its own fee system proposal, which is expected to arrive in mid-April after a successful check.

The price of the altcoin reacted positively to the development in Aave and climbed from $ 115 to $ 120.

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