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There Is A Sudden Jump In The Volumes Of These 4 Altcoins In The Korean Stock Exchanges!

It was observed that there were sudden jumps in the volume data of these 4 altcoins on the South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Some altcoins have seen a significant increase in trading volume on Korean cryptocurrency exchanges over the past few hours. According to data from CoinMarketCap, four altcoins in particular have attracted unusual interest from traders: STEEM, STORJ, APT, and XLM.

Which Altcoins Are Increasing in Volume on South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

STEEM is a cryptocurrency that powers the Steemit platform, a blockchain-based social media network where users can earn rewards for creating and editing content.

On Upbit, one of Korea's largest crypto exchanges, STEEM's 4-hour volume increased 409.70% to $76 million. On Binance, another major global exchange, STEEM's 4-hour volume also rose 34.24% to $2 million.

STORJ is a cryptocurrency that provides decentralized cloud storage through the Storj network, where users can lease their unused disk space and bandwidth to others.

On Upbit, STORJ's 1-hour volume increased 180.89% to $1 million. On Binance, 1-hour volume of STORJ also increased 49.07% to $135K. STORJ has a funding rate of 0.00010000.

Another altcoin with volume data rising on South Korean exchanges was Aptos. On Upbit, APT's 1-hour volume increased 203.37% to $142,000. On Binance, the 1-hour volume of APT also increased by 22.68% to reach $175k.

XLM is a cryptocurrency that powers the Stellar network, a blockchain-based platform aimed at facilitating cross-border payments and remittances with low fees and fast transactions. On Upbit, XLM's 1-hour volume increased 155.13% to $957,000. On Binance, the 1-hour volume of XLM also increased by 16.61% to $2 million.

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