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There Are Important Developments in Altcoins Next Week: Here is the Ordered List!

While the crypto money market is behind for another week, important developments are expected on the altcoin side next week.

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While a week has passed in the crypto money market, where Bitcoin followed a horizontal course at the $ 28,000 border, crypto followers will follow new developments in altcoins next week.

Highlights of This Week

  • Following the AIP-1 response, ArbitrumDAO implemented spending restrictions and a smart contract lockdown program, reaching a compromise for better communication and transparency.
  • USDDT stablecoin market share has reached 60.8%, its highest level since May 2021 after USDC and BUSD drops due to recent de-pegging and regulatory pressures.
  • Puppynet, SHIB's Testnet, experienced a massive surge in activity, reaching 1 million transactions in over a week prior to the mainnet launch of Shibarium.
  • Euler Protocol has announced the recovery of hacked funds, one of the biggest rescues in DeFi history.
  • Pancakeswap V3 is launched, featuring new tools with concentrated liquidity and improved user experience.
  • IOTX hard fork upgrade implemented.
  • Sentiment Protocol suffered a $1 million attack, but $900,000 was returned.
  • Starknet alpha v0.11.0 Launched successfully on Mainnet.
  • ZKX, the first perpetual futures DEX with a self-custody feature, is now available on Starknet.

Next Week's Altcoin Developments

  • crvUSD is expected to be released soon, as recently increased GitHub activity and a leaked UI screenshot has surfaced showing its imminent release.
  • JOE Liquidity Book V2.1 is launching soon with improved capital efficiency feature, offering features such as automatic liquidity management, optimized trading fees, limit orders.
  • The XRP lawsuit outcome is expected to be announced soon.
  • SOL's Mobile Saga will launch on April 13.
  • DYDX will unlock $15.2 million in tokens on April 11.
  • BIT will unlock $96.67 million in tokens on April 15.
  • The launch of GMX synthetics is said to take place in April and will allow new assets to be listed.
  • GRAIL v2 is expected to be released soon.
  • Lodestar Finance, an Arbitrum Money Market Protocol, will go live on April 8th.
  • ETH Tokyo hackathon, one of the ETH Global hackathons, will take place between 14-16 April.

*Not investment advice.

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