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The Moment Awaited Has Arrived: Bitcoin Climbs Above $50,000 – Here are the Latest Data and Details

In an exciting development, the Bitcoin price managed to rise above the $ 50,000 level after a long time.

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The moment the entire cryptocurrency world has been waiting for has arrived and the Bitcoin price has risen above $50,000.

The level in question was last seen in the last week of 2021, when the big bull was experienced.

According to IntoTheBlock data, 375,220 addresses from the past period purchased approximately $ 6 billion worth of BTC between $ 49,616 and $ 51,099.

According to the latest liquidation data, $11.63 million worth of liquidations took place in the last hour, of which $10.33 million were in short positions.

However, during the day when the rise spread, a total of 160 million dollars of liquidation occurred, of which 91 million dollars were in short positions and 69 million dollars were in long positions.

Chart showing BTC price exceeding $50,000.

*This is not investment advice.

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