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The Fall in Bitcoin Stimulated the Altcoin Whales: Here are the Buyers, Sellers, Losers and Their Chosen Altcoins!

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The two-way volatility experienced in Bitcoin in recent days has also mobilized whales. At this point, some whales evaluated the decline and bought, while others evaluated the rise. made a sale.

Because as BTC rose above $71,000 last week, altcoins also rose, and as BTC fell to $69,000, altcoins also experienced sharp declines.

Fresh Wallets Acquired UNI, BLZ, PEPE and TRB!

According to Lookonchain's post, five newly created whale wallets purchased UNI , BLZ, PEPE and TRB from Binance and OKX in recent hours.

“Fresh whale wallets buy UNI , BLZ, PEPE and TRB.

0x3492 withdrew 870,827 UNI ($8.5 million) from OKX 1 hour ago.

0xe841 withdrew 7.69 million BLZ ($2.16 million) from Binance 1 hour ago.

0x81cC and 0xf226 withdrew 303.4 billion PEPE ($3.8 million) from Binance and OKX 11 hours ago.

0x8499 withdrew 20,628 TRB ($1.9 million) from Binance 25 hours ago.”

Sleeping Whale Sells Profit on MKR and AAVE!

According to Spot On Chain's post, the altcoin whale, which has been sleeping for a year, deposited 3,800 MKR worth $9.3 million and 20 thousand AAVE worth $4.45 million to Binance for profit sales.

“A sleeping whale deposited 3,800 MKR ($9.3 million) and 20 thousand AAVE ($4.45 million) to Binance for profit after one year of holding!

If sold now, the profit would be $6.86 million (+281%) for MKR and $645k (+17%) for AAVE.”

ENA Sold at a Loss to the Unfortunate Whale!

The unfortunate whale, thinking that he was buying at the bottom, did not sell his Ethenas (ENA) during the rise and sold ENA at a loss after the recent decline.

This whale generally purchased various altcoins before the pumps but failed to achieve ideal timing.

“Not all dip buyers can profit.

6 days ago, just before the price rose above $1, this whale spent $1.6 million USDC to buy 1.62 million ENA.

Currently, when the price dropped by 23% (7D), the whale sold all ENAs for only 1.32 million USDC.

That's a loss of $283k (-17.6%) in less than a week!

In general, this whale often bought tokens before the pumps but could not always choose the ideal exits.

You can take the whale's entrance as a reference and match it with your own preferred exit!”

*This is not investment advice.

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