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The Expected Rise Happened, Whales Got Active: Patient Whale, which made 11.077x, Started Selling in This Altcoin!

Patient giant whales, who turned the rise in PEPE into an opportunity, took some profits while taking action.

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As Bitcoin approached its ATH of $69,000, meme tokens also made an attack.

While Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Pepecoin (PEPE) differentiated positively from the market with their rise, PEPE recorded an increase of more than 60%.

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Giant whales turned this rise into an opportunity and took some profits while taking action.

According to Lookonchain's post, a whale who bought PEPE from the top in 2023 bought 600B PEPE (worth $1.04 million) from Binance.

This whale proved to be patient and held PEPEs for 10 months without selling. The whale's patience paid off and he deposited 200B PEPE ($1.48 million) on Binance and sold to take a profit.

While he was left with 400B PEPE (valued at $2.91 million), the whale's total profit in PEPE was approximately $3.35 million.

Yet another whale also sold for profit on PEPE. The whale, which purchased 4.9T PEPE in the early period (currently $35.5 million), spent only $3,000 for these PEPEs at the time. This whale also waited patiently and sold 760B PEPE ($2 million worth) when PEPE recorded a tremendous rise.

The giant whale, which currently holds 4.15T of PEPE (worth $30.8 million), remains the 13th Owner of PEPE. The total profit of this whale is worth approximately 32.8 million dollars. This figure shows that the whale earned 11.077x profit from PEPE.

“This guy only spent $3,000 to buy 4.9T PEPE (currently $35.5 million) early on!

He sold 760B PEPE ($2 million) and currently holds 4.15T PEPE ($30.8 million) and is the 13th owner of PEPE!

Whale's total profit on PEPE is ~$32.8 million, or 11,077x earnings!”

PEPE continues to trade at $0.000007006 at the time of writing.


*This is not investment advice.

Buradaki Yorumlardan Bildirim Al

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