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The Company Allegedly Hit by a Multi-Million Dollar Hack Attack This Morning Bought a Massive Load of This Altcoin

This morning, a company that was allegedly the target of hackers purchased this memecoin, according to onchain data.

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A wallet associated with BlockTower Capital reportedly purchased 202 billion PEPE, equivalent to $2.22 million. The transaction was carried out through Cumberland, a popular cryptocurrency trading platform.

The news comes amid reports of a significant security breach at BlockTower Capital. The company's primary hedge fund suffered a security breach, resulting in some of its assets being stolen. According to sources, the hackers have not been caught yet.

BlockTower Capital, which manages $1.7 billion in assets, according to data provider PitchBook, remained silent about the incident. However, insiders who requested anonymity confirmed the breach to Bloomberg.

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The still missing funds led the company to bring in blockchain crime experts. Their mission will be to track down the stolen money and possibly identify the culprits.

In other news about PEPE, the whale, which previously managed to increase its $5 million PEPE token to $44 million within 6 months, made a new PEPE move.

According to onchain data provided by Lookonchain, this whale wallet sold 15 billion PEPE tokens hours ago and converted them into 171 thousand dollars.

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