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The 22 Altcoins That Users Most Want To Be Listed On Binance Futures Have Been Determined

The cryptocurrencies most preferred by users on Binance's new event, Futures NEXT, have been announced. Here is the list.

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As we reported earlier, cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the launch of Futures NEXT.

This new platform allows users to interact with token listings and rewards them for correctly predicting which tokens will be listed on Binance Futures' USDⓈ-M market.

However, Binance clarified that while Futures NEXT allows users to make predictions about potential futures listings, these predictions will not affect the listing process. According to its statement, Binance follows a strict listing process and does not guarantee any listing.

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There are currently 22 tokens up for voting on the official platform for the listing that Binance users want to list the most. The current voting order is as follows:

  • Delysium (AGI) 36,427 elections
  • Bittensor (TAO) 18,465 selections
  • Pandora (PANDORA) 9,801 selections
  • Wen (WEN) 7,557 selections
  • Alpha Quark Token (AQT) 2,511 selections
  • Coq Inu (COQ) 2,250 selection
  • Akash Network (AKT) 2,207 selections
  • Ribbon Finance (RBN) 2,136 picks
  • Mantle (MNT) 2,059 picks
  • Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) 2004 selection
  • Metaplex (MPLX) 2,003 selections
  • SaitaChain Coin (STC) 2,003 selections
  • Prom (PROM) 2003 election
  • Metis (METIS) 1,777 selections
  • Turbo (TURBO) 1,190 selections
  • Osmosis (OSMO) 962 selections
  • Dego Finance (DEGO) 719 selections
  • Flare (FLR) 478 selections
  • Orion (ORN) 39 selections
  • Phala Network (PHA) 29 selections
  • BENQI (QI) 28 selections
  • Helium Mobile (MOBILE) 22 selections

*This is not investment advice.

Buradaki Yorumlardan Bildirim Al

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