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Suspicion of Selling This Altcoin Developer Team Arose: Last Time They Moved Large Amounts to Binance!

In this altcoin, the developer team made a large cryptocurrency transfer that resulted in a sale last time.

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In today's developments, many cryptocurrency whales and altcoin developer companies made important moves and bought and sold coins.

Many Altcoin Whale Events Were Watched During the Day Foundation, the developer company behind the FET altcoin, transferred 10 million FET tokens, equivalent to $5.3 million, to a new address today. The previous major transfer made by the FET Foundation was on October 26, 2022, and 10 million FET tokens were moved to Binance.

On the other hand, in the last two days, the decentralized exchange GSR has withdrawn a large amount of 6.86 million Polygon (MATIC) tokens, worth 4.3 million dollars, from the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Another major cryptocurrency whale appears to have a particular interest in the Chainlink (LINK) altcoin. The giant whale has purchased 346,021 LINK tokens worth $5.03 million since November 18 at an average price of $14.53. The whale then deposited these tokens on the Aave platform and borrowed stablecoins by using them as collateral.

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In a truly impressive transaction, a fresh whale pulled 698 million Virtua (TVK) worth $36.12 million from cryptocurrency exchange Binance. This transaction corresponds to 58% of the altcoin's total supply.

On the other hand, a whale who attended the ICO event where Ethereum was first distributed, finally ended his wait and deposited 3,000 ETH coins worth $6.2 million, which he received from this event, to the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken. The whale in question paid approximately $6,200 for these coins at the ICO event.

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