Crypto NewsAltcoinSurprise Altcoin Founder to Speak at the Panel Chaired by Nvidia's CEO

Surprise Altcoin Founder to Speak at the Panel Chaired by Nvidia’s CEO

Shortly after, it was learned that an altcoin founder would also be a speaker at a panel chaired by Nvidia CEO.

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Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, which recently surpassed the $2.2 trillion market value threshold, will soon chair a large panel on the theme of artificial intelligence (AI).

The fact that Near Protocol (NEAR) founder Illia Polosukhin will be among the main speakers who will attend the panel in question excited the cryptocurrency world.

Famous names such as Ashish Vaswani and Niki Parmar from Essential AI, Noam Shazeer from Character.AI, Jakob Uszkoreit from Inceptive, Llion Jones from Sakana AI, Aidan Gomez from Cohere, Lukasz Kaiser from OpenAI will also participate in the panel.

The event will be held next March 20.

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With 900+ sessions and 300+ attendees, you'll learn how organizations can leverage NVIDIA platforms to achieve remarkable breakthroughs across industries including aerospace, agriculture, automotive and transportation, cloud services, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications. will showcase what they use.

“Generative AI has moved into the center spotlight as governments, industries, and organizations everywhere seek to leverage its transformative capabilities,” Huang said.

*This is not investment advice.

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