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Solana Starts Publishing Carbon Emissions Data

Solana, one of Ethereum's biggest rival projects, has announced that it will publish its network emissions data publicly.

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Solana Foundation, the main developer of Solana, one of the leading smart contract projects, has launched a new tracking application to measure carbon emissions on the network.

Solana, who made a statement on his official social media account, announced that he was collaborating with Trycarbonara to measure and publish carbon emissions.

According to the blog post, Solana is the first blockchain startup to publicly share the amount of carbon it releases into the environment as a result of all its activities. With this move, the foundation praises itself for encouraging other projects to be transparent about carbon emissions.

“The Solana Foundation aims to set a new standard in the measurement of carbon emissions of blockchain projects by sharing emissions data.”

According to the statement, the new emission control panel was added to the relevant website of Solana immediately after the development. Via the new panel, it was possible to display the total number of verifiers, the carbon emission average and the energy consumed in megawatt-hours.

Green Print on Blockchain Projects

Climate change experienced all over the world has led to a focus on sustainable models in energy consumption. Some of the ecologists are criticizing the amount of energy spent on the validator role of crypto miners on proof of work.

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