Crypto NewsNewsSolana Labs Makes Date For Crypto-Enabled Mobile Phone!

Solana Labs Makes Date For Crypto-Enabled Mobile Phone!

Solana, one of Ethereum's biggest rivals, has set the date for the launch of the cryptocurrency-enabled mobile phone.

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Solana Labs, the main developer of Solana, one of Ethereum's biggest rival networks in the smart contract space, has made a date for the crypto-enabled mobile phone.

The company announced today that it will put the smartphone named "Saga" on retail sale on May 8, 2023. While the phone runs on the Android operating system, it will have many features for crypto lovers.

Solana Labs started working on a crypto-themed mobile phone with its announcement about 10 months ago. According to sources, the phone called Saga has the features of doubling and hardware wallet (cold wallet).

The device, produced with Bay Area and OSOM infrastructure, will have 512 GB of storage, multiple rear cameras, 6.67-inch OLED screen and fingerprint reader.

What Makes the Solana Phone Different?

After the launch date announcement, Solana Labs developers touched on the features that make the phone different from others. Saga will feature a dedicated decentralized app listing crypto-only apps and an embedded crypto platform called Solana Stack.

It is emphasized that device owners using the Stack application will have one-click crypto trading and storage.

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