Crypto NewsAltcoinSignificant Developments Expected in Altcoins Next Week: These Will Be Followed!

Significant Developments Expected in Altcoins Next Week: These Will Be Followed!

After a volatile week, crypto users will focus on the next week's altcoin developments.

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After a very volatile week in the cryptocurrency market, users focused on the next week's altcoin developments.

Highlights of This Week

  • Since the Ethereum Shanghai Update, $500 million has been inflows into liquid staking derivatives (LSD), while FXS surpassed 160,000 frxETH deposits, leading 19% growth, followed by Rocket Pool and Lido.
  • Lens Protocol has announced Bonsai, the Optimistic L3 scaling solution for decentralized social media that significantly improves scalability and reduces costs.
  • Circle has increased the cross-chain liquidity of USDC by introducing the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol on Ethereum and Avax.
  • Accepted GMX offer to integrate Chainlink's oracles for 1.2% of protocol fees.
  • Curve has launched Tricrypto Next-Generation, which offers ERC20 compatibility, lower transaction fees, and improved price oracles.
  • The YIP-72 proposal for the launch of yETH, a basket of LSDs, was accepted with great support.
  • Announced Catalyst, a modular cross-chain liquidity protocol.
  • LayerZero launched Essence, reducing the operational time of validators to under an hour and allowing teams to scale validator sets.
  • Arbitrum DAO distributed 113 million ARB tokens to more than 100 projects, but TridentDAO soon sold all the tokens it bought.
  • GND, an Arbitrum-backed stablecoin protocol built on Uniswap V3, was launched and quickly raised $9M in TVL within two days.
  • Gamma, a concentrated liquidity management protocol, has surpassed the $110 million mark in total locked value (TVL).
  • has announced Operation Solo Staker, a program that provides 12 free staking machines to users worldwide who commit to running a node for three years.
  • Aptos introduced delegated staking to increase participation in the network.
  • Tevaera, a zkSync Era gaming ecosystem protocol, has launched its mainnet.
  • Launched Cashmere Labs testnet, a MEV Protected cross-chain swap protocol.
  • 0xAcid, an Arbitrum LSD protocol, introduced the meme token LSDoge.
  • Trust Wallet has refunded $170,000 to affected users after a browser extension fixed the wallet rendering vulnerability.
  • Synthetix aims to lower fees for BTC and ETH and increase the maximum leverage for open positions to 50x.
  • Optimism Collective has proposed a $6 million budget to support innovation.
  • Lido requests 24.5 million DAI and 200 thousand LDO for the development of V2.
  • Cryptex Finance has proposed to incentivize liquidity with 37.5k ARB airdrop distribution.

Next Week's Major Altcoin Developments

  • The OP Bedrock Upgrade will be available soon with significantly reduced network fees and zero-knowledge proofs.
  • Full withdrawals from Lido are expected in early May.
  • crvUSD is expected to be released soon, as evidenced by recent test contract setups and increased GitHub activity.
  • Blur season 2 ends on May 1, and 300 million BLUR tokens are distributed to users.
  • Optimism liquidity mining rewards have been discontinued and will resume on May 3.
  • MKR's lending product Spark Protocol is expected to be launched soon.
  • Phantom is preparing to go multi-chain on Ethereum and Polygon on May 1.
  • Bybit will require mandatory KYC for all services from May.
  • Sui Mainnet launches on May 3, and the first trading will take place on OKX.

*Not investment advice.

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