Crypto NewsBitcoinSEC Published New Listing For Cryptocurrencies!

SEC Published New Listing For Cryptocurrencies!

SEC has posted new job posting for crypto investigations.

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Many bankruptcies and collapses in cryptocurrencies in 2022 left millions of victims behind. The increasing number of victims in cryptocurrencies has led to increased pressure from regulators.

The pressure on cryptocurrencies has increased as the SEC has taken legal action against many cryptocurrency exchanges that it thinks violates US law.

Although we see that the pressure from the SEC in 2023 does not have a negative effect on prices, many companies face the SEC in the background.

The SEC has posted a new job posting to increase its pressure on cryptocurrency companies.

Accordingly, the SEC will recruit public attorneys for the cryptocurrency enforcement unit in New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco.

The lawyers to be hired will join the Crypto Asset and Cyber unit (CACU) and focus on violations of securities laws in the crypto space. The SEC announced in March that it plans to expand this 20-person unit to 40.

Expanding the investigation team indicates that the SEC's crackdown on cryptocurrencies will continue.

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