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Satoshi Era Bitcoin Wallet, Sleeping for 12 Years, Awakens! Here's His First Action

A Bitcoin wallet that has been dormant for nearly 12 years has re-awakened and started trading.

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A Bitcoin (BTC) whale that hasn't made any transactions for about 12 years has transferred 400 Bitcoins to different wallets.

The value of 400 BTC moved by the whale is around 11 million dollars at the time of this writing.

Whale moved 360 BTC ($9.8 million) to one wallet and the remaining 40 BTC to a number of other wallets.

A Bitcoin whale is an asset that holds a large amount of BTC, usually at least $10 million or more.

While big moves happen on a regular basis, it's rare for an investor who hasn't moved his money for a decade, according to one analyst.

Automated trading tools developer Kirill Kretov said:

"An awakening from 2011 is extremely rare, but we don't know how much money the owner of the wallet in question has in total. Recent major awakenings can also be attributed to the same wallet."

Satoshi-era Bitcoin wallets are digital wallets containing Bitcoin (BTC) mined or acquired in the early days when Bitcoin's anonymous founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, was still active online. These wallets often remain dormant for many years, and their value increases significantly as the BTC price rises over time.

Although some people suggest that these wallets may belong to Satoshi Nakamoto, who is estimated to hold more than one million BTC, there is no conclusive evidence to support this claim.

*Not investment advice.

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