Crypto NewsAltcoinSantiment: “These Five Altcoins Enter Opportunity Zone As Bitcoin Crushes Altcoins!”

Santiment: “These Five Altcoins Enter Opportunity Zone As Bitcoin Crushes Altcoins!”

Santiment said that five altcoins, including Litecoin, have entered the opportunity zone.

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After the Fed's interest rate decision last week, Bitcoin, which rose above $ 29,000 and showed signs of recovery, fell to $ 27,200 with a sudden decrease yesterday, while investors were waiting for higher levels to come.

However, while BTC and Ethereum (ETH) managed to stay strong in a certain range, there were larger pullbacks in altcoins affected by the fall of BTC.

Evaluating the decline experienced yesterday, the popular crypto money platform Santiment said that some altcoins gave an opportunity to buy.

Noting that tons of altcoins are starting to enter the opportunity zone, Santiment shared the altcoins that traders are in a particularly difficult situation and therefore think they may reach the bottom soon.

Among these altcoins is Litecoin (LTC), which had its halving in August.

Santiment stated that apart from LTC, altcoins named SRM, RAD, VIDT, HIGH may soon reach the bottom.

“Bitcoin and Ethereum managed to stay in their range while altcoins continued to fall. Meanwhile, we see tons of altcoins starting to move towards opportunity zones.

Assets that traders are in particular dire straits of and may hit bottom in the near future include: LTC, SRM, RAD, VIDT, HIGH"

BTC, which fell to the level of $ 27,200 in the decline experienced yesterday, continues to be traded at $ 27,620 at the time of writing.

*Not investment advice.

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