Crypto NewsAltcoinSantiment Reveals: The 200 Biggest Whales in This Altcoin Continue to Accumulate

Santiment Reveals: The 200 Biggest Whales in This Altcoin Continue to Accumulate

Cryptocurrency analysis company Santiment analysts made interesting statements about the recently rising altcoin.

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Popular cryptocurrency analysis company Santiment drew attention to some interesting behaviors of crypto whales in its latest post.

According to Santiment analysts, Chainlink (LINK) is a pioneer in the rise again in the altcoin world. Analysts suggested that some big whales continue to collect LINK tokens. According to Santiment data, the top 200 cryptocurrency wallets of the Chainlink network added 50 million LINK to their balances in the last five weeks.

50 million LINK corresponds to approximately 800 million dollars at the time of writing this article. The total market value of the Chainlink token is approximately 9 billion dollars.

The analyst also pointed out that the market value of the Chainlink token increased by 143% in the last five months, and this increase was recorded as 93% in Bitcoin in the same period.

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Annual chart showing the rise in the LINK price as of October.

BTC price experienced an impressive rally today and climbed up to $39,700. LINK price has increased by approximately 8% in the last 24 hours. When the data is examined, it is observed that the increase in the LINK price occurred simultaneously, especially from the second half of October, that is, when whales started to accumulate.

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