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Santiment Names Three Altcoins: “Price May Continue Climbing If Lack of FOMO Continues”

Cryptocurrency analysis company analysts named three altcoins that they claim are currently outperforming the market.

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In its statement, cryptocurrency analysis company Santiment drew attention to some altcoin projects experiencing growth in market value.

According to analysts, although cryptocurrencies have generally been flat in recent days, the performances of artificial intelligence and “Big Data” themed projects seem impressive.

Santiment cited BOTTO and TOKEN, which rose 87% in the last week, and AGIX, which rose 40%, as examples of these altcoin projects.

Analysts say that although interest in altcoins with these themes has decreased, the 100 largest altcoins covering projects in this sector have increased by 7.3%. According to analysts, if the lack of FOMO continues in these assets, their prices may continue to climb unimpeded.

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The fact that Nvidia shares broke record after record, especially in the USA, and this hype did not slow down was also reflected in the cryptocurrency market. Thanks to Nvidia's high performance, there were significant increases in the prices of artificial intelligence-themed altcoins in the cryptocurrency market. Recently, the NEAR founder spoke at a panel attended by Nvidia CEO.

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