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Santiment Named Two Altcoins: "Investors' Bitcoin Profits Are Flowing to These Two Altcoins!"

Santiment announced that as Bitcoin rose above $67,000, investors turned to altcoins called POPCAT and AMP.

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Bitcoin rose above $67,000 as it continued to erase the effects of the decline it experienced before the halving. While this recovery in BTC also manifested itself in altcoins, investors who made a profit distributed their profits to altcoins that are considered more speculative.

While mem tokens are more prominent among these altcoins, Santiment announced that investors turned to two altcoins as BTC rose above $ 67,000.

Santiment said that while cryptocurrency markets continue to recover steadily, altcoins named POPCAT and AMP have attracted the attention of investors.

“Altcoin markets are on the rise as Bitcoin moves above $67,000, allowing profits to be redistributed into more speculative cryptocurrency assets. According to data from Santiment, the most highly discussed altcoins are:

POPCAT: The market cap of the Solana-based meme token has increased by +41% in the last 24 hours and compares with other top-cap tokens in the industry such as WIF and DOGE. The crowd is currently bullish on POPCAT, leaving it at higher risk of a correction until the FOMO ends.

AMP: Although its market cap performance has not yet stood out compared to other altcoins, there has been a huge increase in trading volume. With discussions about scale and the project's potential to make history in finance, there seems to be an increasing likelihood of investors exhibiting excitement about the project's potential growth and success. “Overall, crowd sentiment is neutral, which suggests that BTC is a good candidate for market cap growth if it can sustain its own steady rise.”

*This is not investment advice.

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