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Richest Cryptocurrency Wallets and What They Hold Revealed: Here Are Their Current Portfolios

Cryptocurrency analysis company Arkham examined onchain data and published details about the richest wallets and their owners.

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Cryptocurrency analysis company Arkham identified the world's richest cryptocurrency wallets and owners according to onchain data. Here is the published list and all the details.

TRON founder and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun tops the list with a staggering net worth of $1,059,285,676.10. His portfolio includes $273.81 million in USDD, $235.83 million in TRX, $128.38 million in BTT, $93.70 million in USDJ, $89.85 million in BTC and $53.22 million in STETH.

Rain Lohmus, a well-known Estonian investor, holds a significant amount of ETH worth $755,736,615.15. However, Lohmus cannot currently access this amount of assets because he lost his wallet key.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is not far behind with a total value of $754,791,772.06 held predominantly in ETH ($743.36 million).

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German-born computer scientist Stefan Thomas, known for his work on the Ripple payment protocol and BitcoinJS, has a fortune of $429,030,851.31 locked in BTC. Unfortunately, he cannot access his assets due to his lost password.

Finally, James Fickel, a prominent crypto investor, has a diversified portfolio worth $431,581,225.86. His holdings include $372.23 million in AETHWSTETH, $59.17 million in AETHUSDC, and $172.71 thousand in ETH.

*This is not investment advice.

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