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Response to Hamas Allegations from Tron (TRX) Founder Justin Sun!

Tron founder Justin Sun's response to Reuters' Hamas allegations was immediate.

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As is known, Reuters reported today that Israel's Hamas and various terrorist organizations preferred the Tron (TRX) network instead of the Bitcoin network.

Accordingly, Israel stated that 87 Tron wallets were linked to terrorism in 2023, 56 wallets were linked to Hamas, and 46 of these 56 wallets were linked to Dubai Co. It was noted that he was linked to a Gaza-based money exchange company called For Exchange.

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Tron founder Justin Sun was quick to respond to Reuters' claims.

In his post on his X account, Sun pointed out that the TRX network is decentralized and stated that their interventions regarding such uses are limited.

“TRON is a decentralized protocol similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, with nodes operating around the world.

While we are committed to combating terrorist financing by integrating various analysis projects and partners, our top priority remains, as always, maintaining decentralized management, ensuring the security of everyone's assets, and ensuring instant, cost-effective and reliable transactions.

“I offer great appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency in our industry.”

In the statement of the Tron founder, there was no clear information about any sanctions or measures being taken regarding wallets allegedly linked to Hamas.

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