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Preparing for the Bull, Mysterious Corporate Whale Purchased $50 Million from Binance! Here is His Preferred Altcoin!

Mysterious corporate whale purchased nearly $50 million worth of LINK from Binance.

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Chainlink (LINK), which ranks 12th in the cryptocurrency ranking by market value, continues to increase the profits of its investors with its rise.

At this point, LINK attracts attention with its 17% rise in the last week and is in the focus of corporate whales.

According to Lookonchain's post, whales have been accumulating LINK like crazy lately.

Accordingly, a mysterious corporate whale purchased $ 50 million worth of LINK from Binance through 49 new wallets.

“Whales/institutions continue to accumulate LINK!

This mysterious whale/institution withdrew 2,745,815 LINK ($49.9 million worth) from Binance via 49 new wallets.

The whale named '0x2A19' received 494,957 LINK (worth $9 million) from Binance in the last 10 days.”

At this point, recently, 8 new wallets, considered to be corporate and belonging to the same person, had purchased LINK worth 4.12 million dollars.

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LINK, which has approached the 20 dollar limit with the recent rise, continues to be traded at 18.5 dollars at the time of writing.

*This is not investment advice.

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