Crypto NewsAnalysisPositive Report for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies from Coinbase! Here are the Details...

Positive Report for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies from Coinbase! Here are the Details of the Report…

Coinbase analysts said the second quarter looks positive for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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While Bitcoin and altcoins are trying to fight the decline, a positive report came from Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the USA.

Although BTC started April, which is generally known as the rising month, and the second quarter with a decline, Coinbase said that the second quarter looked positive for BTC and cryptocurrencies.

At this point, Coinbase analysts stated that the positive factors for BTC and cryptocurrencies will clearly emerge from the second half of April.

Coinbase analysts David Duong and David Han stated that the Bitcoin halving continues to be the main positive factor and stated that institutional interest in the crypto sector continues to be high:

“As the main positive factor, the Bitcoin halving is a positive factor on the supply side of BTC, while on the demand side there are spot Bitcoin ETFs that were approved in January.

As the demand for BTC increases thanks to spot ETFs, we think more banks will start to evaluate BTC ETFs. Because the 90-day period used by many banks when evaluating new financial offers such as spot BTC ETFs may end as early as April 10.

This means new banks can approve BTC ETFs. “

In this context, Coinbase stated that companies such as LPL Financial, which is considered the largest independent broker-dealer in the USA, may soon approve spot BTC ETFs and added, “The approval of big names such as LPL Financial for ETFs will generate a significant amount of capital for BTC ETFs in the medium term.” can unlock it.” said.

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