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PEPE Whales Became Extremely Active: They Do These Trades

According to Onchain data, giant cryptocurrency whales in PEPE have become active and trading in recent hours.

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According to data provided by cryptocurrency data provider Lookonchain, whale wallets have become active in the PEPE market in recent hours.

According to Onchain data, a cryptocurrency whale purchased 406.74 billion PEPE, corresponding to 4.26 million dollars, via Binance minutes ago. The whale in question had earned a total of $3.72 million in previous PEPE trades. In addition, according to Lookonchain, this whale had previously traded in 8 different altcoins and closed all of them with a profit.

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While this whale made a large purchase, another whale interestingly made a profit sale.

According to data, a cryptocurrency whale, one of PEPE's early investors, deposited 250 billion PEPE worth $ 2.67 million in Binance. This whale wallet purchased $4.8 million worth of PEPE tokens for just $1,000 in the early days of memecoin. Including its previous sales, the whale's total profit in PEPE is currently at the level of 3.6 million dollars.

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